Be Proactive Against Heart Disease
By Cardiovascular Institute, P.A.
April 24, 2020
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Want to improve heart health? Here’s how…

There are many factors that can increase someone’s risk for developing heart disease during their lifetime. While some factors such as genetics cannot be altered, there are a variety of lifestyle factors that can be changed to improve your heart health. From the office of our Tomball, TX, cardiologist Dr. Daljit Muttiana, here are some proactive changes you can make right now to support a healthy heart,

Improve Your Daily Routine

Whether you are battling chronic stress or you work at a desk, there are certain factors that can increase your risk for heart disease. For one, leading a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk for heart disease. Making changes to your lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult and remember, every little change can make a difference for your heart health. Some of these changes may include,

  • Quitting or avoiding smoking (even secondhand smoke)
  • Managing chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes; hypertension)
  • Managing stress (find outlets that work for you to alleviate stress)
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Getting regular exercise

Your Diet and Your Heart

Your diet can contribute greatly to preventing heart disease. Of course, we also understand that making changes to your diet can seem confusing and you may have questions, which our Tomball, TX, heart doctor can answer. Here are some simple changes you can make right now to improve your diet and your health,

  • Reduce daily sodium intake
  • Add more healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds into your diet
  • Make sure you are getting anywhere from 5-9 servings of vegetables a day
  • Incorporate fruits, lean protein, whole grains and legumes into your diet
  • Avoid packaged foods, which are typically very high in sugar, sodium and trans fats
  • Read all labels to look for hidden bad fats and preservatives

Exercising for a Healthier Heart

Even with a solid, healthy diet in place you still need to get up and moving regularly. Maintaining a healthy weight will go a long way to promoting a strong, healthy heart. Most adults can benefit from getting anywhere from 30-60 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a day. If you are new to working out talk with your cardiologist about ways to safely incorporate exercise into your routine.

For example, you may want to start with a brisk walk around the neighborhood and then work your way up to jogging or running.

Cardiovascular Institute in Tomball, TX, wants to make sure that all patients getting the medical care they need. If you are dealing with a chronic heart conditions or if you are experiencing symptoms that have you concerned, please call (281) 357-5700.